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Arriba Consulting works with industry, research and academic clients to create value through collaboration.

Alumina 2024 Conference: ‘Beyond the Cycle’

As provider of the Secretariat for AQW Inc, Arriba Consulting is a proud contributor to Alumina 2024, the 12th AQW Conference. Hosted by EGA in Dubai, this is the first AQW conference to be held outside Australia. A “Net Zero Alumina Refining” Workshop sponsored by the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) on the final day will look beyond the familiar economic and technological for the innovations essential to transform alumina production to the low carbon, low environmental impact industry that the future world demands.

High Purity Alumina (HPA)

HPA was added to Australia’s critical minerals list in 2022. Arriba Consulting is working on a project within CSIRO’s Australian Critical Minerals R&D Hub investigating more efficient purification and processing techniques. In 2021 we were engaged by an industry client to review the status and options for production of HPA from diverse starting materials. The results are summarised in our article ‘High purity alumina - current and future production’ published in Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review.

Silica and Organics in the Bayer Process

We have a long history of research and industrial experience in the chemistry, process effects and management of silica and organic compounds in the Bayer process. Some of this is summarised in the research papers listed on the Publications page, and we have assisted many industry clients in Australia and overseas with issues related to related to processing high-silica bauxites, desilication and silica scale mitigation, and the removal and control of organics, particularly sodium oxalate

Bauxite Analysis and Characterisation

Arriba Consulting partners with CSIRO and commercial laboratories to provide a comprehensive analysis, characterisation and indicative processability assessment of bauxites, both for evaluation of new deposits and improvement of existing operations. Our advice on analysis technology was key to the establishment of a world-first first FTIR-based exploration and mine development laboratory in Guinea.

Lime and other Process Additives

We have worked extensively with CSIRO and industrial clients on the chemistry of lime in the Bayer process, particularly in relation to liquor causticisation and filtration, and with reagent suppliers and their customers on organic additives (e.g. flocculants, scale inhibitors). A recent project with Solugen seeks to provide process additives from sustainable non-fossil sources

Encyclopedia of Sustainability

Arriba Consulting contributed the invited chapter on Aluminium in Natural Resources and Sustainability, Vol 4 of the Encyclopedia of Sustainability (Berkshire Publishing, 2012, pp 30-35).

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