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Who We Are

Arriba Consulting provides specialist services to the Bauxite-Alumina industry.

Since 2004, we’ve been helping companies respond to technological, regulatory and social change.

Your business success is our priority.

Greg is a leading expert in Bayer process management, technology, laboratory analysis and research. After 25 years in senior technical roles in Alcoa and Worsley Alumina, he established Arriba Consulting in 2004.


Arriba is a research company dedicated to the techno-economics of the bauxite-alumina business. From ad-hoc expert advice to coordinating research projects, we are here to support your knowledge needs.


A chemist by profession, Greg has a particular passion for laboratory research, analysis and management. He is a skilled facilitator, presenter and technical writer.


He is Secretary-Treasurer of Alumina Quality Workshop (AQW) Inc. and a Visiting Scientist at CSIRO Mineral Resources.

Director and

Principal Consultant

Dr Greg Power

Greg Power, Director
Peter Smith, Consultant

Dr Peter Smith

Principal Consultant

Peter is a world expert in the chemical analysis and processing of bauxite, specialising in the desilication and digestion of high-silica bauxites. He is also a leading expert in the chemistry of residue neutralisation, disposal and reuse, and gibbsite precipitation.

With over 20 years experience in leading Bayer process research teams in close liaison with industry clients, Peter has a unique understanding of the challenges of Bayer process chemistry, and he is sought after for his uncanny flair for designing, conducting and interpreting laboratory investigations to reveal its secrets.   

Peter is an Honorary Fellow at CSIRO Mineral Resources.

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