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Expert guidance

At Arriba we are passionate about providing our customers in the bauxite-alumina industry with the best possible technical advice and research, swiftly and economically.

Our Principal Consultants, Dr Greg Power and Dr Peter Smith, have each served the industry for over 30 years in technical management, research and consultancy roles.

We also have an extensive network of experts to draw on to meet your needs.


Laboratory Research

Testing ideas, processes and

materials - especially bauxite

With Arriba, you can try out your ideas, test new processes, and analyse raw materials in fit for purpose, world-class laboratories.

We will manage you project, scrutinise and interpret the results, and deliver your report on time, on budget.

You can be confident that our research will meet the standard required to underpin engineering and financial decisions, and/or publication in the academic literature.


Changing to a new bauxite?  No worries -  get advance warning on possible impacts with our bauxite characterization and processabiity testing service.

Expert Witness and Review

Probing the detail

We provide technical reviews of unrivalled quality. In addition to our many confidential reviews for individual clients, we have published definitive reviews of key Bayer process aspects in the academic literature.
Our consultants are experienced expert witnesses in many aspects of the Bayer process; but if we can't do what you need ourselves, we will find someone who can.

Laboratory Management 

Design, commissioning and operation

Our knowledge and track record in the establishing, modernising and managing specialist state-of-the-art laboratories for the analysis of bauxite, Bayer plant liquors and solids, and alumina is second-to-none. We will give you the best advice on the analytical methods that best fit your purpose, and how best to integrate them in a working laboratory.

Secretarial & Facilitation 

Making the most of what you have

We can take the worry out of organising and running technical meetings and workshops. We will help you with the planning, execution, reporting and record-keeping, freeing your own experts to concentrate on the content.

Technical Writing and Editing

Communicating results and information

Our consultants are expert authors and writing coaches with decades of experience in publishing, reviewing and editing scientific papers and reports. They can help you get your message out - internally and externally.

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